*Must race in the jersey in order to qualify
*Many other boys had the opportunity and ability to participate in college-level running

*Please contact Coach Dunn or Coach Dunham if you or your friend, son, etc...was left off the list!

1993 Mike Spence: University of Indianapolis

1995 John Dick: Wabash College
1999 Mark Rode: Indiana State University
1999 Matt Sweetman: Indiana University
1999 Cory Ferguson: University of Indianapolis
1999 Brandon Shipp: Wabash College
2000 Nathan Dinges: IUPUI
2000 Brian Dunn: Butler University
2001 Aaron Fisher: Ohio State University
2001 Kern Woods: Purdue University
2003 Brad Robinson: Ohio State/University of Indianapolis
2003 Tim Clark: University of Tennessee
2005 Adam Settle: University of Indianapolis
2005 Derek Speer: University of Indianapolis
2005 Steven Swank: Purdue University
2006 Michael Romine: University of Evansville
2007 Adam Green: Ohio State University
2007 Tommy Mullen: Indiana Tech
2007 Jordan Mitchell: Indiana Tech
2008 Michael Dunten: Purdue University
2008 DJ Sloan: IPFW
2009 Scott Lasiter: South Alabama/Purdue
2009 Brock Harkness: Hanover College
2010 Michael Whyde: Indiana Tech
2011 Steven Harrison: University of Indianapolis
2012 Jason Crist: Indiana University
2013 Austin Presnell: Huntington University
2013 Shane Wright: University of Southern Indiana
2014 Eddie Hardimon: College of the Ozarks
2016 Brett Richardson: Purdue Calumet
2016 Robby Lawson: University of Indianapolis
2016 Noah Kellum: University of Indianapolis
2016 Andrew DeRidder: University of Indianapolis